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Graphic Design Projects comprise all forms of vector arts and visual designs on topics from creative subjects to conceptual illustration.

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Cleair Purifier Design.

Conceptual air purifier design. Using digital illustration tools for product mockup, demo and interior component demonstration. Creating an aesthetically appealing modern smart household appliance... Offering users the opportunity of transforming odour-prone areas of their home to an entirely new environment on an elegant lifestyle.



Plastic Wrap Poster.

Plastic food wrap commercial poster design. Using a composition of vector graphics and photomontage design technique to create a visual subliminal analogy, delivering advertising message to general viewers... Implying to the social slang that anything would smells when lack of care just as human body parts would. Convey the campaign message on the importance of plastic food wrap.



Plastic Wrap Poster.

Plastic food wrap advert poster design. Through a visual creation that amalgamates manipulated images and vector illustrations,.. general viewers could intuitively interpret the key campaign message which aims to implicit the social lingo of how anything would rots when lack of attention, just as human body parts would. Emphasizing the importance of plastic food wrap.



Coca Cola Poster.

Coca Cola commercial poster design. Neatly combining the slim silhouette of Coca Cola can with a typical battery top by image manipulation technique... Creating an intuitive visual message for general audience, of how Coca Cola is representing a daily energy symbol in today’s world and is always offering consumers with more and more exciting adventures.



Coca Cola Poster.

Coca Cola advert poster design. Using the quintessential American history behind the brand itself as the foundation of the campaign. Blending the renowned Coca Cola glass into a vintage 1920s gasoline pump station... Creating the visual message of how vital the product was in boosting the entire roaring generation forward, like how automobile propelled the world.



Gender Equality Poster.

Social poster design for Gender equality. Using digital painting tools to create a harmonious visual art that speaks for a vista of an unbiased society with impartiality between gender... By learning and moving forwad from the past injustice, the people of the world could advance together as a whole, to the development of a better future for everyone.



Social Stereotype Poster.

Social poster design for addressing the issue of invisible demands for females that exist in today's common ideology. Using digital art creation,.. to express the misconception of females are obligated to manage all of the domestic chores. The visual impacting message to the viewers, calls for introspection of the society and correction for the better.



Stop Human Trafficking Poster.

Stop human trafficking social poster design. Using graphic illustration to create a metaphorical transport ticket with a paper-punched area that outlines an infant profile to reflect the human trafficking issue,.. with each of the unknown ticket details represents the uncertain faith that lies ahead for victims. Expressing the urgency of this social issue.



Hands are to Create Art Feast Poster.

Art feastival poster design on the slogan of Hands are to Create. Through the buoyant visual combination of picturesque image and vivid vector illustrations, general audience immerse into the energetic atmosphere of art creating world,.. and understand the main tenor of the event which is transforming negativities around the world into positiveness, and use hands to build prosperity.



Portfolio Profile Design.

Profile visual design. Integrating personal profile image with creative vector illustrations, with all the elements surrounding the theme of space exploration, which is, not only to myself,.. but to a lot of the designers around the world, a symbol of introducing people with new magnificent things with our profession, we the designers are same as astronauts, our works open up people's horizon.



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