FH Salzburg Rasterisation Projection 2021

以演算程式設計,將視覺影像光柵化,並以 3D 光雕投影技術將視覺影像投射到不規則型態的應用至場域。在未來發展中採取互動式體驗模式,提供具操控功能的視覺沈浸體驗。

Visual projection technology applies irregular forms of visual images to the environment. In the future development, interactive experience mode will be adopted to provide avisual immersion experience.

01 互動影像光柵化


Algorithm detects user dynamic input values as Image-Rasterisation value and creates an interactive immersive experience for all kinds of environment.

02 立體光雕投影

以演算設計 3D 曲面視覺佈局程式,因應各場域空間中的立體背景,延伸並重佈互動影像內容,打造能體現在場域中的視覺體驗。

Design a 3D visual Projection Program to extend and recalculate the visual image content to adapt to the background. Create an interactive visual experience that is embedded in the environment itself.


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