Polaris Smart Hostel 2019



Hostels nowadays, traditional or self-serviced, are all seemingly poor in giving room guidance. Guests spend too much time getting familiar with the facilities owing to insufficient or inadequate introduction.

We have designed a Digital Fiber Navigation System the Polaris, consisting of system main panel and a Smart Key made of OLED and Reinforced glass, providing solutions and benefits as below:

01 場所指引 - 旅店場所導引功能

使用 Polaris 面板選擇場域,點擊觸控面板並使用房卡吸附顏色,確定場域路線房卡擴增實境開始引導路線。如需中途換地點,再電梯邊與逃生口旁的智能面板重新吸附顏色即可。

This system allows customers to select their destination by injecting various colors (each represent a designated destination) from the system main panel to OLED room key, to initiate an AR guiding path for their journey throughout the hostel.

02 消費記帳 - 各場域間的付費計算功能


The added benefit of MobilePay function of Smart Key provides Guests tracking Paying amount when visiting facilities and claim promotions' bonuses.

03 空間識別引導 - 緊急狀況應變導引功能


In the event of a disaster, the system will analyze and provide the most suitable escape route by connecting to the smoke detectors and cameras in the hotel. Situated in a dark smoky environment, a clear evacuation guidance will be illuminated and displayed on the smart room card, operated by embedded GPS function.


2019. 第三名. 2019 三創設計競賽 繽紛創意設計組. 南臺科技大學. 臺灣


2019. 教育部教學卓越計畫. 教育部. 臺灣

2019. 教育部發展典範科技大學計畫. 教育部. 臺灣


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