KKday UI Re-Design 2020

現有平臺網站分析與使用者介面優化設計 以視覺帶領性為主要網站優化分析方向,將各期主打的重要活動內容與做動態性與醒目性的介面安排,優化使用者體驗里程,增加整體平台活動訂購交易量。

User-Expereince analysis of KKday's current website and optimisation. Introducing dynamic and prominent arrangement layout of main promotional content of each season. Enhance User-Experience and overall platform transaction.

01 當季主打活動曝光增加

當季主題活動與熱門選擇以動態選單陳列於網站與行動 APP 介面主頁,提供優先曝光度予各季的主要促銷活動內容,增加各類活動的遊覽機會與平臺的交易量。

Dynamic Menu displayment of Seasonal theme activities and popular choices on the homepage of both website and mobile APP, providing priority exposure to the main promotional content of each season, increasing the visiting opportunities of various activities and the transaction rate of the platform.

02 地域活動推薦層面增加


Increase the recommended content of the regional activity page, spanning more local featuring contents to the recommendation category. Provide more connection opportunities for users and local operators.

03 整體活動交易量提升


Thorough User-Experience analysis and interface Re-Designing. Increase KKday's overall platform transaction and enhance visual experience.


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